Beyoncé’s album is hot – and so is she. Check out her latest videos on Joost.
Halo • Diva • If I Were A Boy • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

The Wild Ride
Young Jack Nicholson plays a hot-rodder who kidnaps his best friend’s girlfriend and attemps to evade the cops.

Bye Bye, Bush – Hello, Obama

Get to know the new American President – listen to some of his favorite artists.

• Miles Davis
• Bob Dylan
• Johann Sebastian Bach
• The Fugees

Paranormal TV

Do you believe in ghosts, UFOs, witches and aliens?

Joost is the place for the best music on the web.

We’ve got a playlist for whatever mood you’re in. Feel like dancing to 80’s Tunes? Want to brush up on your Old School Hip-Hop? Dream of playing guitar alongside a Rock God? Check out all our music playlists and enjoy hours of non-stop pop, rock, dance, and so much more.

A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

16 straight guys and 16 lesbians battle it out to win Tila Tequila’s heart. Check out some of the most wild and raunchy moments from this outrageous reality show.

Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday and simultaneously released her sixth studio album, Circus. Watch the video.

Oh baby baby have you seen this video yet?
If U Seek Amy is the third single off of her new album, Circus – watch it now to see what all the controversy is about.

New from Banquet:
En Route

Join the world’s top professional freeskiers around the globe to some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. Check out the first episode as the skiers hit the slopes in Japan.

Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin brings you the hottest celeb nude scenes and the sexiest showbiz news. Watch classic scenes from American Pie or see what the top 5 scenes are in reality TV or prison films.

Latest Video from
Jim Jones

Jim Jones teams up with Ron Browz and Juelz Santana for the song “Pop Champagne.” Don’t miss the cameos from Busta Rhymes and Damon Dash.

Heart to Heart Playlist

Love is a battlefield. You win some, you lose some…Check out these videos from your favorite artists and see how easy it is to fall in, and then out of, love.

Friday the 13th…this Month and Next

Freaked out about Friday the 13th? Don’t look now, but it’s coming back in March. Exorcise your fears with 13 cult classics – like Night of the Living Dead and Little Shop of Horrors – that will keep you screaming for a month.

Love is Strange

Follow the journeys of three couples whose love for Elvis – and each other – knows no bounds. Then, check out more crazy documentaries about love from around the world in our Strange Love Stories Playlist.

Old School Romance Films

Classic Love Stories

Looking for romance? Look no further than Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor in our Valentine’s Day collection of classic movies that will put the romance back in your life.

Kelly Clarkson Returns

And she has a Valentine’s Day message: “My Life Would Suck Without You.” For more romantic inspiration, check out these other Idols – David Archuleta, Carrie Underwood, David Cook and Jordin Sparks.

MTV’s Punk’d

Watch your favorite stars as they get punk’d – like the episodes where Chris Brown makes a threat and Rihanna is caught red-handed. Perhaps a sign of things to come?

All the hottest acts are on Joost. Get your indie fix now:

The Kills – Tape Song • Glasvegas – Flowers and Football Tops • The Fray – You Found Me
White Lies – Death • The Rascals – Suspicious Wit

The Trap Door

Let’s give a big welcome to Berk, Boni, Drutt and “the thing upstairs.” If you dare, watch the first 10 episodes of this childhood classic – but beware. Don’t open that trap door. There are monsters down there!

The Original Man of Steel

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…the original animated adventures of Superman. Newspaper reporter Clark Kent by day, superhero when needed, Superman always seems to save the day – and Lois Lane.

Absolutely Wild

It’s a jungle out there! From poisonous spiders and snakes to awe-inspiring dolphins and fighting antelopes, go Absolutely Wild with visuals and stories from around the world.

Tough Enough?

These guys are tough – from rodeo stars and their bucking bulls to Ultimate Fighting champions – who step into rings without any padding at all. Watch these and other sports you can’t always see on TV on VBS Sports.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Go on location with the world’s hottest models from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit On Demand. Things are heating up with Selita Ebanks on the beach in the Caymans, Bar Rafaeli in Israel, Marisa Miller in St. John and Molly Sims in a diamond bikini.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 Videos
A new group of models have hit the beach for Sports Illustrated. See how photographers managed to capture Brooklyn Decker, Kim Cloutier, Jessica Hart, Cintia Dicker and more as they bare almost everything for the cameras.

Check Out Anime on Joost

Watch full episodes of Izumo on Joost and follow Takeru on his fantastic adventure through a paranormal world beyond imagination.

Space, Science, Adventure

Find it all on SpaceRip – where stars explode and space-time tears at the seams. Get close to a deadly super twister or meet your robot future. SpaceRip is Nature in the Raw, with programs you won’t find on conventional TV.

Kings of Leon – How Good Can They Get?

Proof that musical talent runs in the family – this band of brothers (and a cousin) from small-town America are a global sensation.

Get Your Sci-Fi Fix On Joost
• Starhunter
• Lexx
• Earth: Final Conflict
• Total Recall 2070

The Alfred Hitchcock Channel

New on Joost – classic films from the legendary filmmaker. Watch The Man Who Knew Too Much, Young and Innocent, The 39 Steps, Sabotage or The Lodger.

My Chemical Romance

Excited about Watchmen? Love My Chemical Romance? Then you’ll want to check out their new single, Desolation Row, from the movie’s closing credits. Zack Snyder directed the video, too.

Need A Laugh?

Laugh out loud with America’s late night funnyman, David Letterman. Check out some of our favorites – like Where’s Joaquin Phoenix?, the Michael Phelps News Round-Up or the Top Ten Surprising Facts About The Jonas Brothers.

Let Joost Be Your DJ

We’ve got music playlists for every taste – so whether you like Indie, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock or Dance, you can find and watch your favorite artists on Joost.
Or be your own DJ by adding your favorite videos to your queue.

Click here to watch the best videos of 2008.

Home For The Holidays?

• Let Joost be your holiday (or anti-holiday) soundtrack.

• Sick of your own family? Watch your favorite TV friends and families to stay entertained.

• Or get in the holiday spirit with full-length movies like Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Get in the Game

The quarterfinals for the UEFA Champions League are coming up – time to catch up on all the action! Tune into the Magazine for game recaps and previews – or watch the Training Ground to see exclusive masterclass sessions from top football stars and features and tactical guides.

Jackie Chan Channel

Is he the best kung fu movie star ever? You decide – watch movies spanning his career in the new Jackie Chan Channel.

Don’t Be Fooled

Just in time for April 1st, we bring you the Playlist of Fools – boys attempting the wildest stunts, criminals committing the stupidest acts, and regular people who, well, will do just about anything to be on camera.

The Slayers!

Check out the adventures of Lina Inverse, a wandering sorceress and bandit-killer, and roving swordsman Gourry Gabriev.

Ciara and JT

What happens when two beautiful people make music together? Love Sex Magic.

Everybody Dance!

Hit the dance floor with Ministry of Sound TV, or our Dance Playlist to get the party started.

Joost Presents: Vampires Suck

Twilight is taking over the box office, so get informed. We’ve got everything you’ve always wanted to know about vampires, but were too terrified to ask.
Bonus: Catch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Paramore’s new music video, Decode.

[adult swim] December give-away: 30 free full-length [adult swim] episodes on Joost this month. Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, Tim & Eric Awesome Show: they’re all here, they’re all full length and they’re all free.

Joost Presents: The Holiday Playlist

At last, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Spend some time with your favorite TV friends and families on Joost.

5 Cool New Channels

1. Eagle Rock Sampled
2. Cool Hunting
3. Film@11
4. W.O.R.B.: World of Red Bull
5. The Fight Network Presents – Wrestling

What should you say when drinking a pint of Guinness? Which of your favorite celebs claim to be part Irish? After U2, who is the second-biggest-selling Irish music act of all time?
Take our St. Patrick’s Day quiz to find out.

ERIN GO BRAGH! We’ve compiled all your favorite artists from the Emerald Isle – U2, Snow Patrol, Morrissey, Def Leppard and Sláinte!

We’re excited to have Alicia Keys as our first Joost Jockey, a new feature where you’ll get an inside look at what celebrities are watching on Joost. Check out Alicia Key’s top 10 favorite videos by true Superwomen on Joost, including Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin and more. As well as classic videos from Alicia herself, from Fallin’ to Superwoman and everything in between.

Then & Now Playlist

A lot of things have changed over the years: Britney and Christina have gone from squeaky clean girls to dirty vixens, and now hot mamas. But no other artist has changed as much as Michael Jackson. Watch the transformations of your favorite artists on Joost’s Then & Now Playlist.

Looking for more party playlists? Check out:

• Pop Stars Playlist
• Hip-Hop Playlist
• Monster Ballads Playlist
• Dance On Playlist
• Rock Strong Playlist

Behind the Music Video

Get the scoop directly from the artist’s themselves in these up close and personal interviews with today’s biggest artists, including 50 Cent, electronic-rock group MGMT, UK soul singer Adele and more.

• – VBS Meets… 50 Cent
• – Interview with MGMT
• Billboard Presents Adele
• Hip-hop Official – Interview with Murs
• Oatmeal TV – Interview with The Horrors

Music Docs

Check out these documentaries featuring unique perspectives on music today from around the world.

• TVF – Dancing with the Devil
• VBS – Music World – Vice Kills Jamaica
• Article 19 – Jails, Hospitals and Hip-hop
• QD3 – Art of 16 Bars: Getting Signed
• VBS – Music World – Shanghai Super Girl

Shout it out!

Amazed at Justin’s moves? Want to proclaim your love of Shakira? Use the Joost SHOUT feature to let your inner voice be heard – loud and clear in your feed for all your friends to see. Just click any of the SHOUT buttons under the video player. Choose from Hot, LOL, WTF, Puke and Wow. Join the Shout revolution!


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